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Welcome to Plug & Play, bringing you the latest Arrival news. We recently announced that LeasePlan will bring the Arrival Van to Europe with an initial order of 3,000 vans, Anaheim will become the first to adopt the Arrival Bus in the US and the Robopilot project completed a first autonomous demonstration at a parcel depot.

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Partnership is based on an initial order of 3,000 vans, with the sales agreement expected to be finalised in Q3 2021.

Agency Advances Effort to Become State’s First All-Electric Bus Fleet.

This cloud-based approach using Microsoft Azure will enable advanced uses of telemetry, vehicle and fleet data management across vehicle fleets.

Arrival’s Automated Driving System (ADS) completed a live demonstration at a fully functioning parcel depot, the first time without a human driver inside the Arrival Van.

Arrival’s vision for a safer and more equitable future, ensuring everyone benefits from safe transportation.


“Curious how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is integrated into design. How do public EV’s address current problems for ADA needs?”

The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the United States and its implementation over the last 31 years has improved accessibility to transportation systems for so many Americans. We use this a baseline in our framework and build upon its core elements to achieve our vision of truly inclusive designs.

“If hydrogen fuel cells, with the right infrastructure, ends up as a better choice than batteries. Would you consider it?”

Battery technology is our focus right now, but we are always looking at other technologies available. Hydrogen is abundant and clean and will play a significant role in the future energy economy as a zero-carbon fuel and an energy carrier. Any energy storage strategy should consider a combination of technologies, including battery and hydrogen.

To submit a question to r/AskArrivalAnything send us a message on Twitter or Facebook using #AskArrivalAnything. As we continue to develop solutions for cities that help drive sustainability goals, your questions, feedback and comments form a critical part of the process.

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