Arrival Plug & Play Newsletter: Volume 4

Welcome to the Arrival newsletter.

We were thrilled to announce this week that our North American HQ will be located in Charlotte, N.C. and that we have signed an MOU with the City to help it achieve its sustainability targets as set out in its Strategic Energy Action Plan.

Quick Charge

Everything you need to know

Arrival establishes its North American Headquarters in Charlotte N.C.
Arrival will also collaborate with the City to achieve benchmarks from its Strategic Energy Action Plan.

Comparing Arrival to other Electric Vehicle companies is like comparing Cloud Storage to Betamax
Arrival is creating unique electric vehicles with its own radical technologies, and will become public in Q1 2021.

Reddit AMA
Mike Ableson and Tracey Yi will be answering your questions on r/ElectricVehicles on 17th December.


“Love your vehicles especially the van design. Any plans on using the van as a base vehicle for a camper? #AskArrivalAnything”

Everything is possible! We have had a huge amount of interest in an Arrival camper, however our current focus is the commercial vehicle market, starting with delivery solutions for our customers such as UPS. It’s certainly an interesting opportunity for us to look into though and something that is on our radar.

“#AskArrivalAnything How does Arrival consider passenger comfort and safety with regards to hygiene on shared mobility solutions in light of the pandemic?”

Hygiene has been a consideration in most vehicle programs since before the pandemic, so it’s even more important for us now. If we look at the Bus, one of the main goals from the outset was to create a clean, welcoming space for Bus passengers. The cantilever seats and the curved floor edges allow cleaners to clean more thoroughly with no additional time spent. We’re testing the bellpush as a touch free interface to minimise the amount of contact on shared surfaces (and maximise cleaning efficiency), and the screens can allow dynamic service messages to be displayed based on the current government guidance. While we don’t yet know what the long term impact on shared mobility will be, hygiene and passenger safety will continue to be an important experience principle in any new vehicle program at Arrival.

“How do you recycle this material once vehicle reaches End Of Life?”

We grind it up and turn it into injection moulding (or extrusion) pellets. Then we mix it with other material and mould it into new parts for our vehicles, which can be recycled end-of-life.

To submit a question to r/AskArrivalAnything send us a message on Twitter or Facebook using #AskArrivalAnything. As we continue to develop solutions for cities that help drive sustainability goals, your questions, feedback and comments form a critical part of the process.

Arrival in the News

Clip of the Week
What makes Arrival different? Everything. Watch our ‘Introducing Arrival’ film.

This Week’s Top Headlines

Another EV Start-Up Is Going Public. Why This One Is Different.

Automotive World
Micro-machines: one start-up’s plan for scalable EV production

Auto Futures
Arrival Establishes North American Headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina; Investing $3 Million


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Arrival Newsletter

Arrival Newsletter

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