Arrival Plug & Play Newsletter: Volume 6

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Happy New Year to all our newsletter subscribers. 2021 promises to be a big year for Arrival and we can’t wait to bring you all the exciting developments as the year progresses.

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Everything you need to know

Embrace the Complexity — An Evolution of Manufacturing
The fixed assembly line has served us well for more than a century, but we could unlock a new level of productivity by embracing the unpredictable nature of organic systems. Head of Strategic Technology, Doug Morton explains.

Introducing Roborace
Roborace is the world’s first competition for teams developing self-driving AI. Arrival’s team uses software and algorithms to test autonomous driving systems on race cars, competing against other teams from around the world, and then apply the learnings to road vehicles, like the Arrival Van.

The Electrification Coalition Business Council connects industry leaders
Industry leaders, including Arrival, have joined together to advance transportation electrification through the Electrification Coalition Business Council (ECBC).


“Can you build (unmanned) airplanes in your Microfactories?”

We are currently focused on building commercial vehicles in our Microfactories, but by design they will be able to produce any vehicle. The use of robot cells, rather than a traditional production line, means we can produce any vehicle from our portfolio from a single location.

“Arrival where is the prototype double-decker bus?!! Autonomous route-master!”

Our vehicles are modular by design, and therefore new variants can be achieved more rapidly than a traditional OEM. We are currently focused on getting the single decker bus into production at the end of this year, but watch this space for futher updates…

“What does the Microfactory mean for jobs in the auto industry?”

Microfactories decentralise production, so that instead of creating thousands of jobs in one location, Arrival creates hundreds of jobs in multiple different locations across a country or region. In addition, our use of local supply chains where possible creates jobs in the wider industry surrounding a Microfactory.

To submit a question to r/AskArrivalAnything send us a message on Twitter or Facebook using #AskArrivalAnything. As we continue to develop solutions for cities that help drive sustainability goals, your questions, feedback and comments form a critical part of the process.

Arrival in the News

Clip of the Week
Arrival President Avinash Rugoobur features on the Absolute Return Podcast

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This Week’s Top Headlines

Forbes Transportation Awards 2020

Fully Charged Show
An Introduction to Electric Vans


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Arrival Newsletter

Arrival Newsletter

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