Arrival Plug & Play Newsletter: Volume 8

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2 min readMay 25, 2021


Welcome to the Arrival newsletter.

Welcome to Plug & Play, bringing you the latest Arrival news. We unveil the Arrival Van and get a perspective from its Chief of Product, as well as preparing for Bus road trials.

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Everything you need to know

Arrival Unveils Electric Van Taking to Public Roads This Summer
Discover the Arrival Van, set to reinvent the landscape of commercial fleets.

Introducing the Arrival Van
Our Chief of Product for the Arrival Van gives his perspective on the unique qualities of our vehicle.

Arrival and First Bus confirm the start of zero-emission bus trials
Aiming for a fully zero-emission fleet by 2035, First Bus prepares to begin trials of our Arrival Bus.

CIIG Merger Corp. sets meeting date for the Special Meeting of stockholders
Stockholders of $CIIC as of Feb 16, 2021, remember to submit your vote ahead of the March 19 Special Meeting.


“Will your vans be available for sale individually for tradesmen/women or just for fleet operations?”

This is certainly something we are looking at, yes. However, the timing of this is not something we are yet able to announce. Please leave your contact details here: and we’ll get in touch when we have updates.

“What is the ground clearance of the van?”

The ground clearance on all our vans is comparable to others LCVs, and designed around the wide range of roads, speed bumps and kerbs that fleets experience. Our 3.5T and 4.25T vehicles have a ground clearance of 160–200mm, dependent on payload, which is optimised with an independent suspension, flat underside, and robust protection of structures and connections to give adequate clearance and excellent driveability and usability.

To submit a question to r/AskArrivalAnything send us a message on Twitter or Facebook using #AskArrivalAnything. As we continue to develop solutions for cities that help drive sustainability goals, your questions, feedback and comments form a critical part of the process.

Arrival in the News

Clip of the Week
Making the Van — The Design Story

This Week’s Top Headlines

Arrival’s electric van is ready for testing

Electric vehicle spotlight (EVS): Arrival

The Guardian
Electric busmaker Arrival schedules first UK road trial

New zero-emission buses set to be trialed on UK roads


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